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Stylish Nonsense

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Stylish Nonsense is recently Electric / Acoustic Whatever Duo, in between post-punk and electric vintage funk with unpredictable fresh raw energy. Their music alters. Every Live sessions happen to be extremly fluid and unique. In 1993, while studying at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (Thailand), Yuttana Kalambaheti and Wannarit Pongprayoon met at the Music Club of the Electrical Engineering Department. They have been creating music together ever since. Starting out on a 386dx computer with a Blaster16 soundcard, and the software Cakewalk 2.0, they have over the years evolved into a highly regarded band that makes each gig unique, since they rely solely on the art of improvisation. They have over the years produced ... See More

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