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Hip Hop/Rap, EDM, Trap


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HypeFreaX are an American Electronic Music Duo from Las Vegas, USA. Their high-energy performances with EDM / Trap & Hip Hop mashups, remixes, and originals tracks have taken Asia by storm. The HypeFreaX duo has been best friends since age six and have a multitude of coordinated dances in which, both DJ and MC dance. DJ Kriszd delivers high quality music with over 10 years of DJing / Production experience. MC Egypt has over 10 years of experience as a professional Rapper, Hip Hop dancer, and MC. This combination of talents creates the HypeFreaX experience. The HypeFreaX Experience is a full production show with live in-sync dances, live freestyle raps from MC Egypt, video visuals, graphics, and a selection of new music, mashups, re ... See More

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Customer Reviews

We booked the Hypefreax for a 300 person private event, and their performance was insane! They were dancing and hyping the crowd so much before their set that a crowd encircled them; totally ignoring the artists on stage! Egypt is the most energetic entertainer we've ever seen with freestyle and dance moves to match. DJ Kriszd delivered a unique mix of beats that kept the crowd bouncing off the walls and amped to the max. This duo is like none other, and we'll definitely be booking them again... in a much bigger venue next time.

by Liv2Party - 11 August 2017