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Dance Music, Electronic Music, European Music, Pop

Cape Town, South Africa

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GoodLuck is a SAMA award-winning electronic band from Cape Town, South Africa. In just over 5 years GoodLuck have had an astonishing 8 #1 radio charting singles, 3 albums, and in 2017 won 'Best pop Album' at the SAMA awards. Over the last few years GoodLuck started amassing fans, followings and in many parts of Asia and the Middle East and they are passionate about touring to Asia as often as possible. They have performed at major events and festivals in Vietnam, Singapore, Bali, Dubai, Thailand and India. GoodLuck are known for their incredibly energetic live show, pushing the boundaries of live electronic performance with their use of drum machines, synthesisers, electronic percussion, saxophone and vocal performance. GoodLuck have a a ... See More

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